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apply your business card to 2010 magnet pad calendar

christmas time will come sooner than you expect it to come!

min order for magnet calendars is 1pc x $1.00. this is a promotion price. magnet calendars: 1-99pcs - $1.00; 100pcs - $0.90; 200pcs - $0.80; 500pcs - $0.70; 1000pcs - $0.60

magnet notepad (30page): 1-$1.80; 10-$1.50; 50-$1.20; 100-$1.00; 200-$0.90; 500-$0.85; 1000-$0.80

magnet notepad (50page): 1-$2.00; 10-$1.70; 50-$1.40; 100-$1.20; 200-$1.00; 500-$0.95; 1000-$0.90

these magnetic calendars are not like the most calendars on the internet. see the pictures below. peel off a protection paper from a magnet on the top and then press your business card to the adhesive layer of the magnet. you are done!

now you have a fridge calendar with your business card on it and your client (a friend, a relative) will keep your business card in front of his/her nose (on the fridge) all 2010 year around!

a magnet with applied business card can be instantly separated from a calendar. it’s a very useful option for a client to keep your business card on his/her fridge when 2010 year is over.

magnet calendar is high quality printed in full colour with 13 months starting with dec 2009 through dec 2010, a 2011 page, and an important numbers page. there are 14 sheets plus cover and backer. each page has memo area. the calendar size is 6.5” high x 3.5” wide. the top magnet is a business card size – 2”x3.5”.

the magnet also has a removable kiss-cut (pop-out) portion to reduce mailing weight by 20% and provide you with a bonus magnet (you have an extra magnet to use for free).

please let us know your name (company name) and your address and we will send you an invoice with the total. shipping fee depends on your location. please contact us beforehand for shipping calculation.

visit our web site for details: www.lawnbagsigns.com

e-mail: info@lawnbagsigns.com ph.: 416-222-7446 services toronto

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