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Services - Montreal 

comprehensive chiropractic care - 514-279-6536 active release technique, a.r.t. myofascial release, cross-friction massage, trigger-point therapy, kinesio-taping, postural and rehab exercise prescription. specializing in overuse injuries, postural correction, biomechanics and recurrent low back and spinal pain. excellent for athletes and those in training. fred zarow msc, dc, chiropraticien, 15 years of experience in exercise physiology, low back pain research, kinesiology, sports-injury care, rehabilitation and manual therapies. call today 514-279-6536 initial consultation with treatment - $90
schedule an initial consultation where we’ll discuss the root causes of your problems; we’ll discuss the structures involved and we’ll treat you with the therapeutic techniques that will best serve your needs. treatments - $45
injury care intervention, art, myofascial release, joint mobilization/manipulation, kinesio-taping, therapeutic rehabilitation exercises. emergency care - $90 intervention for acute or severe pain: slips/falls, sprain/strain, torticollis, severe low-back spasms. other services offered at clinique zarow include: sports kinesio-therapy - $60
manual lymphatic drainage - $75
lymphatic drainage with ballancer-plus - $20
insurance receipts available

to find out more about clinique zarow: visit
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fred zarow msc, dc, chiropraticien – montreal
6872 st denis, montréal h2s 2s2
insurance receipts available

clinique chiropratique zarow - comprehensive chiropractic and emergency care - 514-279-6536 services montreal

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