do you want to know secrets that can get the hottest dancer...

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Erotic services - Ottawa 

do you want to know secrets that can get the hottest dancer out of the club and into your bed in no time flat? without having to spend one red cent to do it?

(trust me, this is stuff strip club owners around the world do not want you to know!)

dear fellow stripper-lover, first off, i need to make something very clear.

there are people who do not want this information made public (besides strippers).

i've uncovered a fool-proof method for picking up strippers and exotic dancers that's so effective, it should be illegal.

but because this method is so effective, the strip club owners (and the dancers themselves) have made every effort possible to keep this information from you (and for good reason, the more people that find out about this.. the less money these clubs rake in night after night).

because this information is now available to the public, i am what can only be considered a marked man.

for this reason, i do not know how long i will be able to keep this information available.

i make no guarantees this information will be available after monday, january 27, 2010

i thank you for taking the time to read this short report januszjanulis
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