doctor mac mac,macbook pro repair toronto 1 year warranty

Computers Informatic Toronto 05/07/2018 18:24
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Computers Informatic - Toronto 

highly recommended and certified mac repair in toronto.

**************remember cell phone repair shops can't repair mac computers*i

doctor mac toronto
mac experts
711 floor street west, toronto
@ christie subway
ph: 416-278-9058
monday-saturday : 12am-7pm
sunday :12pm-5pm

for repair charges please visit our website

********** 1 year after service month warranty ************

doctor is the definitive choice when it comes to service, repair, and support for all your apple devices including mac books, imacs, ipads, and almost anything else with an apple logo.

at the doctor mac toronto, we can repair problems with any mac computer. if your computer warranty has expired, you may be afraid the repairs would cost too much. our experts can provide the following affordable mac repair.

common apple computer problems we fix:

mac logic board repair(dead,liquid damage,malfunctioning)

front cracked glass replacement

lcd screen (cracked/ faulty) replacement

keyboard / track pad repair replacement

hard drive upgrade and replacement

memory(ram) replacement and upgrade

graphic chip repair(no video,distorted video)

freezing issue,panic screen)

firmware/ efi lock password removal

dc power board replacement

mac battery replacement

mac sleeping / wake-up issues

mac running slow,sluggish, frequent spinning wheel repair

mac startup issues(safe mode only,spinning wheel,folder icon,white screen** computers informatic toronto

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