Industrial laundry, blender industrial and industrial pots work tables

Machinery Montreal 18/05/2018 05:40
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Machinery - Montreal 

king-ware manufacturers-exporters lima-peru attention: hotels-restaurants-poultry-chifa-wineries - autoservicios-consecionarios-ice cream-clinics hospitals-construction and mining companies * machines gastronome * cooking ranges from 1 to 10 ranges - kitchen ind. with oven, au gratin, fryer potatoes, plate fryer - kitchen ind. for chifa - oven grilled chicken for a coal, gas, ecological - pizzero-ovens ovens ovens shawarma-multi-use - normal frying potato and automatic - tavola - fryers irons - parrillero - shopping sangucheros. * * cooling machines window display of conservation and freezing
ice cream, sausages, meat, suchi's, fish, milk, fruit, vegetables
refrigerator cabinets for freezing, preservation, mixed
vissi-cooler-freezer-salad bar - revolving cake and ice cream bar-fridge - refrigerated work tables * machinery and equipment * lavaderos industrial work-tables-rack for dishes - blender industrial - hoods hoods - repizas
display for bread and cakes - railings - door-frame-shelves-socket - car haulers - cooler's thermal-module-car cash registers - pots-pans industrial industrial - housewares and utensils made from materials of stainless steel 'anti-magnetic'
surgical steel 18.8
quality - warranty-service-parts web. mail: tefs: 0051-1-998576004 and 0051-1-993363951 nextel: 108 * 5136 mr. harrold machinery montreal

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