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the keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, consists of a low carbohydrate but high fat diet. following this diet can be a great tool to lose weight. at the same time, based on a growing number of studies, it can help reduce the risk factors for certain illnesses like stroke, diabetes, epilepsy, alzheimer�s, and even heart diseases. once you start your journey on the keto diet, you will notice that your body enters into a metabolic state termed as ketosis. while you are in that state, the body uses ketones for energy instead of glucose. ketones come from fat and are relatively more stable source of energy as opposed to glucose, which come from carbohydrates. it usually takes about three days to a week for your body to enter ketosis. the moment that you are in it, you will be using fat as energy source, instead of carbohydrates. this would include fat that comes from the food that you eat, as well as stored body fat.
there are ways of telling if you are already in ketosis. for instance, you may notice changes in your mood or alertness, and your breath and urine can have a much stronger smell. others would say that they get better sleep as well as a decrease in appetite when they reached ketosis.
the moment that you are in ketosis long enough, that�s possibly between 4 to 8 weeks, your body becomes keto-adapted. at this point, your glycogen will decrease, you will carry less water weight, while your muscle endurance will increase and eventually your energy levels will be higher.
some of the long-term benefits that various studies consistently show is that you get to lose more weight and body fat once you eat a low carb, high fat diet. you may also have better levels of good cholesterol, reduced blood sugar, as well as lower triglyceride levels. health airdrie

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