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Graphic arts Toronto 23/05/2018 12:59
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Graphic arts - Toronto 

in an act of complete, total & utter shameless self promotion without any apologies, i invite you to come and browse my newly realised online photographic portfolio. in other words, i made a website, i started putting my pictures up on it, come check it out. address is:

at present, i have almost 80 pics for viewing with about 250 more waiting in the wings to go up. my goal is to post between 5 & 7 new pics every week. the site is very graphic intense but i've tried to optimise everything so there is no painful loading times of the pages and the pics.

i can also be reached on facebook & flickr for anyone who frequents there:

if you've got the time, please drop by. i am looking to expand the portfolio by hooking up with local businesses / bands / organisations / entertainers / charities / whoever that are in need of photos for their projects (cd cover / promo material / website photos / events / whatever). the learning curve's rates are:

4 hours plus an initial consultation for $200.00.
price includes basic photo retouching and hi resolution images burned to and delivered on cd.
all clients will also be showcased in a featured article on the learning curve homepage.

comments, critiques, etc about the site & the photographs both positive & negative are always welcome.

thanks for reading. graphic arts toronto

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