Sunnyvale natural indigo hair color powder (dye your hair black)

Hairdresser British Columbia 18/05/2018 18:36
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sunnyvale natural indigo powder is a natural dye from indigofera tinctoria leaves, also known as black henna. indigo is the only natural way to dye your hair black. it oxidizes when exposed to air and water so when the hair colour is mixed with hot water, the indigo is activated ready for use. indigo contains a blue dye that when used with henna will dye your hair in a range of colours from reddish brown, light brown, brown, dark brown and black. the henna/indigo special process can make your hair glossy, sleek and black. indigo is a plant that has a dark blue dye molecule and works in a mildly base mix. if you use indigo over henna, you’ll get beautiful black results! after the processing, your hair will looks bouncy, straight and thick without any oily built-up and dandruff. the dye will have lingering effects in your hair and the highlights will be quite different. our indigo is 100% natural and from reliable sources giving you a good strong colour which along with the henna is going to give you a great black colour.

unlike other suppliers we do not pack this with other ingredients. no coffee, cocoa butter wild herbs from bora bora etc. the indigo is 100% pure and natural!

the finely ground indigo powder is the sifted in two-three layered process(sifting). it is available in air tight multi layered lami-nated aluminium pouches of 100grams.

lower price: cdn 7.50 / 100 grams

payment term: pay with paypal and your full purchase price is covered, customers are required to pay c.o.d. delivery term: canada post regular parcel service, delivery within 2 days after receiving the payment.

phone: 1-604-248-6475
email: hairdresser british columbia

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